Scuttle Vent Cover


Stop leaves and other debris blocking your drainage hoses!

An all-new scuttle vent cover with finer grill spacing to stop larger debris making its way into the bodyshell plenum.

Direct replacement using the same fixing points, fully reversible, no other modifications required.

Designed by BaulyCars, machined from billet 6061 aluminium, bead-blasted and anodized in matte black.

An all-new scuttle vent cover, designed to prevent leaves and other general debris from passing through the vent and building up in the plenum area of the bodyshell.

This replaces the plastic version cover Triumph introduced on 73’ onward cars.

Seeing how much material can get through the plastic vent, and also wishing to visually improve upon one of the few plastic parts Triumph used on the exterior of the TR6, this is a single piece solution as a step beyond adding mesh below the plastic grill.

Visually the design combines the flusher top found on the early cars with a grill shape matched to the opening in the bodyshell below. The blanked off grill slats are now gone, which are flushed off for a cleaner look more akin to the earlier cars body coloured ‘metal lid’.

Based on the original item’s dimensions and curvature, the new cover is a direct fit replacement, with addition care paid to better profile the cover to the surrounding scuttle and bonnet panels.

The new cover is CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminium, then bead-blasted and anodized in a matte black finish. The anodizing also makes a good base coat for those who may wish to paint the cover body-coloured.

Very quick and easy to fit using the same fixing points (2 no. screws and u-clips) with no other modifications required, and fully reversible too.

Designed by BaulyCars.